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Protect your platform from fraudulent sign-ups and phishing attacks with AuthentiCheck's robust API. Detect disposable email addresses in real-time, ensuring genuine user engagement and safeguarding against malicious activities. By seamlessly integrating email domain validation, AuthentiCheck enhances email delivery rates and optimizes your mailing lists for improved engagement and conversion rates.


The Ultimate Email Verification Solution

Discover why incorporating AuthentiCheck into your workflow is crucial for maintaining email integrity and security. Our comprehensive email verification tool offers advanced features to ensure your communication channels remain reliable and secure.

Temp Email Verification

Swiftly differentiate between genuine and temporary email addresses, ensuring the integrity of your data and enhancing communication reliability.


Enhance data accuracy by utilizing AuthentiCheck's intelligent email input suggestions, improving user experiences and minimizing errors in communication.

Domain Check

Validate email domains to effectively combat spam and bolster security measures, safeguarding your organization's reputation and data integrity.

Public Domain Detection

Verify domain accessibility to facilitate secure and reliable email communications, protecting your organization from potential threats and ensuring peace of mind. vs Alternatives

At Authenti check, our emphasis lies in sectors where the synergy of technology, innovation, and capital can unlock enduring value, propelling sustained economic growth.

Authenti.coOpen Source ListsCompetitors
Up to date data
checkAuthenti check actively scans for new disposable domains, ensuring data is current.
closeNew domains added with delays, allowing many unwanted emails.
checkMost alternative APIs lack proactive domain searching, leading to inaccurate data.
Free to use
checkAfter One-time payment, Unlimited free monthly requests.
closeOpen source tools are free but may offer limited support and integration challenges.
checkMost alternative APIs do not offer support without registration.
Block disposable Gmail addresses
checkAuthenti check effectively identifies most disposable emails.
closeNo open source tools efficiently identify disposable emails.
checkAlternative APIs may lack the efficiency to reliably detect disposable emails.
Easy to set up
checkAdd Authenti check to your signup process or use the WordPress plugin for easy integration.
closeOpen source tools necessitate manual validation creation and regular list syncing.
checkAlternative APIs are generally easy to set up but often require detailed registration.

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AuthentiCheck employs an agile methodology as a Disposable Email Address (DEA) Detector, allowing us to continuously test assumptions and stay closely connected with the evolving needs of our audience.

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Frequently asked questions

In most cases, utilizing Authenti check for temporary mail verification in open-source projects is permissible, excluding scenarios where it serves as a substitute for Authenti check itself, such as in UI libraries, themes, templates, or page builders. You are encouraged to employ this design kit for your open-source endeavors. For additional details, please refer to the licensing information provided.

Revealing the entire process of fake email verification could potentially be exploited by Disposable Email Address (DEA) companies. Therefore, we will provide only a brief overview. When checking any disposable email, Authenti check categorizes domain names, distinguishing between free, organizational, ISP-based, and disposable email provider domains. We maintain a list of known DEA domains, continuously updating it to include new services. Our algorithms also analyze patterns of temporary addresses, enhancing the accuracy of our fake email verification process.

Authenti check, your free Disposable Email Address Checker, goes beyond its primary function to identify and highlight additional characteristics of an email. It can determine whether the email originates from a free email provider (like Yahoo or Gmail), a disposable email service (such as Yopmail), or a 'role' email address (like team@ or @sales@). Additionally, we assist in pinpointing emails from recently registered domains, offering valuable insights into potential fraud, spam, or other review-worthy activities associated with the user.

No, we prioritize user privacy. We do not store or retain any information about the emails checked through our disposable email free checker.

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Experiencing a technical glitch with temporary email verification? Interested in providing feedback on our beta feature that checks if email is disposable? Require information about our business plan? Feel free to reach out – we're here to help!